Mailbox and LampPost

Responsibilities as Homeowners


Each homeowner has a few responsibilities to keep the neighborhood safe and looking its best:

1. Please keep lamppost lit and replace bulbs as needed.

2. Keep lawn free from weeds.

3. Keep mailbox in good condition.

Currently, our Mailbox is no longer available anywhere.  An approved one should be forthcoming shortly. Replacement mailboxes are still being decided on.  Our goal is to have a selection available so we can vote on one at our January association meeting in 2021. Thank you for your patience.


Mailbox stain: Menards has it...a quart of Pittsburgh Paint Latex of the color Timberline (only color approved.) To straighten you may need to use a concrete mix at the base or buy wooden/metal jimmies.

To touch up an existing lamppost,
go to Menard's in Hales Corner-Paint Dept. and ask for the file for ChampionsVillage.

They will mix the custom colors for you. They are in quart size and the cost would be around $25.00 for both.

You would just need a wire brush to scrape, primer and paint.

To obtain a new lamppost, order the following items from BBC Lighting in Milwaukee.  Approximate total cost is around $272.00.

  • Maxim 1007BK                  

  • Maxim 1092BK/PHC11  

There is also a showroom in Wauwatosa at 72nd and North, Elektra Lights. Owners are Linda Bishop & Becky Kruschke. 414-257-1300.

Poles can’t always ship UPS so working with a company that includes freight costs is the way to go.  You’ll have to pick them up at their stores, but there will be little to no freight costs this way.

Please do not order from until further notice.

Mailbox and Lamppost replacements are the two property issues facing all of us when it comes to replacement in the next couple of years.  We recommend all of you start budgeting for these.